Communicating KM to Customers: IBM does it right

Our friends at IBM Information Management just shared a wonderful video they’re using to communicate about their KCS practices to their customer base. Have a look on YouTube. (ed. note: link updated March 2014).

Some things I love about this video:

  • It’s short.  It gets all the big ideas across in three minutes.  As someone who routinely talks about KCS for three days, I admire this.  And, I feel like I got a behind-the-scenes view of the new way support happens at IBM.
  • It’s concrete.  There are no lofty principles or busy “marketecture” diagrams here; it’s all show-don’t-tell.  Communicating this way looks easy, but it’s not.
  • It has the right style.  It’s professional, but not at all slick.  It looks IBM official, but still very human.  Wouldn’t you like to have Alessandra helping you with your support issue?  I would.
  • It explains WIIFM.  It keeps highlighting what the customer will experience, and why that’s a good thing for them.
  • It has a call to action.  By the end of the video, IBM has convinced me I ought to try the support portal first…oh, and put feedback on their articles. too.

Does your communication plan reach out to customers?  Here’s a great way to do it.  Nice work, IBM!  (HT Mary Ellen Coleman).

ps – speaking of videos, our KCS In Five Minutes just went over 1000 views.  I know that’s technically not “viral,” but if feels pretty good.  Check it out and pass it on if you like it!