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DB Kay & Associates provides KCS consulting and KCS training for technical support organizations looking to launch, refocus, or re-energize their knowledge management, Knowledge-Centered Support, and self service programs.

At DB Kay & Associates we give you the knowledge and confidence to create a successful and sustainable program, and help your support team’s journey to be as effortless as possible.


DB Kay & Associates Named Winner of TSIA’s Spring 2014 TechBEST Awards

Leading Organizations Honored at Technology Services World (TSW) Best Practices Conference in Silicon Valley – READ MORE


KCS in the Real World

Some of my favorite emails from customers are forwards of emails from team members reflecting on KCS. Here’s a great example, with grateful thanks to the Customer Who Shall Remain Nameless who shared it.

KCS for the Rest of the Enterprise

You know KM works. You probably want to share the good news. But mention “knowledge management” to people in other parts of your company, and they’ll probably tell you about useless SharePoints full of out-of-date documentation.

In Support, we know it doesn’t have to be like that. In Support, we use KCS. And KCS works. And KCS works for other parts of the company, too.


KCS Foundations Workshop - September 2014

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Close Enough: Simple Techniques for Estimating Call Deflection
Measuring call deflection is the elephant that simply won’t leave the room. It’s not possible to measure precisely, but executives want credible numbers anyhow. This article presents a few practical techniques for estimating a call deflection number that passes the sniff test. As a side note, we write “call deflection” because it’s the phrase that is most often used, but there’s nothing telephone-specific about it. For the purposes of this article, call deflection also means avoided chat sessions, emails, online case submissions—any contact that requires human attention.



DB Kay & Associates is the leading provider of training and consulting for Knowledge Centered Support (KCS), Knowledge Management (KM), self-service, remote access, and collaboration. David Kay has been recognized with a Consortium Innovator Award from the Consortium for Service Innovation for his contributions to their Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) and Adaptive Organization (AO) initiatives. He is co-inventor of six pending patents covering the use of next-generation technology in customer service. David Kay is one of six instructors certified by the Help Desk Institute (HDI) to teach the Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) Foundations workshop, and is HDI certified as a Help Desk Manager. DB Kay & Associates works with industry-leading support organizations such as Microsoft and Apple Computer. READ MORE